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"Real jewelry is the highest point of great luxury"

Ilanit Nissim is the founder and creative designer of Miracles by Ilanit Jewelry.


Since the founding of her brand in 2004, she designs jewelry that echoes her own story and heritage.


Born and raised in Milan Italy, Ilanit comes from a large family of third generation diamond dealers with Middle Eastern roots.


Her childhood and passion are influenced and inspired by her father, a passionate third generation gem dealer with a large global network of gem traders and jewelry designers, who often took her on inspiring business trips & International Jewelry trade shows discovering India, Israel, Belgium, Hong Kong and the United States.

In her pursue of dreams and beauty, she first turned into to the world of photography, then gemology before discovering the glamour world of Jewels and design.


Miracles by Ilanit Jewelry reflects Ilanit’s sense of style, Italian design, sensitivity and creativity.


She creates and designs timeless modern affordable jewelry, which is easy to wear, adapts to any occasion and suitable for all ages.


Light and extremely comfortable, characterized by Italian craftsmanship, 18 carat gold and the finest Diamonds and Gems.

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